Advertise your property to get best tenants and high returns

Real Estate transactions are really tricky. Sometimes the process is smooth as silk and other times you feel like you are walking on gravel with your bare feet. The market is unpredictable and since the money involved is so high it can be very stressful for some. People sometimes believe that having an easy transaction is all a matter of luck. But if you are worried sick as to why your house is not selling, then this article will debunk your myth that it’s all pure luck. There could be some factors that don’t look obvious, but are actually sabotaging the chances of your home sale.

Take for example Real Estate Mangalore where there is huge demand for housing especially from NRI’s, who are originally from here. Many want to have a big home in India and they are always looking for homes. So the demand for large homes and bungalows in Mangalore is high.  But you feel like in spite of having a large home, you are not able to attract buyers?  Well, there could be more to that story. Let’s find out.

Parking – Many houses constructed in Mangalore has this one flaw- It’s either not enough parking space, or no specially constructed parking pace with shade.  If there is not shade for parking, the car is going to get damaged due to the high intensity heat. Many buyers, especially the NRIs look for this feature as a priority. If your house has no shade or separately constructed area for parking, then this could be one reason you are not getting buyers interested.

Legal Battles- Many people have their house and/ or property stuck in legal battles. It could be a property feud between brothers or some illegal construction. Sellers try to hide this fact thinking that it will be solved eventually. But these things spread like wild fire. Nobody wants to buy a property that is stuck in a lawsuit or a legal battle. If that is the case with your property, attempt to sell it only after things have become clear.

Junk and Garbage in the neighborhood- If you house is close to a dump yard, there it’s no surprise that buyers are unwilling to consider buying your property. You might be accustomed to living in the place for quite a while, but having a dumpster around puts a lot of people off especially the NRI crowd.

Same is the case with your vicinity. If your neighbors are dirty and put their dump out in the open or keep their compound dirty, visually it looks like an eyesore. If you have neighbors like that, then it could be that you are not able to sell the house for no fault of your own. Try to keep you house and surroundings as clean as possible. Complain to the municipality if needed to fox this issue.

Noise pollution- Even though you have been living in this house for a while and are accustomed to all the noise, it won’t be the same for your buyer. Many buyers get put off if there is too much noise from construction, traffic etc. Even the barking noise of stray dogs can put people off. So the noise issue needs to be addressed if you want to make a sale.

Faulty Construction- Even though your house is large and spacious, a bad design can be a reason for no sale. Remember, your buyer’s taste is not necessarily the same as yours. Additionally if the construction is of low quality of if there are leakages and other apparent flaws, buyers won’t be interested in purchasing the house.