Himali Bela

From 1977 till today…Himali Bela rose with the new dawn of democracy in Sikkim and since then, it is the voice of the majority Nepali reading community of the Sikkim Himalayan region. The premier Nepali daily is trusted by our readers as a credible medium of unbiased news as per the vision of its founder late Ram Patro.

Himali Bela ran as a weekly newspaper for three decades and evolved into a daily newspaper from August 24, 2007. This saw another growth in circulation and acceptance as it satiated the desire of our readers in hundreds of villages and growing towns to read news daily.

The essence of Himali Bela stems from the need for a Nepali language newspaper felt by late Ram Patro for recording and disseminating information about changes in Sikkim and neighbouring hill region during the tumultuous period of mid 70s. During that passage of history, news outreach was limited to a section of English newspapers readers. It was Himali Bela that came forward and catered to the common hill man.

Himali Bela played a pivotal role in the movement for Constitutional recognition for Nepali language and was widely respected for its unbiased reporting during the separate Statehood agitation in the neighbouring Darjeeling Hills during the 80s.

To our advertisers, Himali Bela offers access to a wide base of readers spread across the Sikkim-Darjeeling region whose day starts with a cup of fresh tea and a newspaper. The reader could be an ordinary farmer or an entrepreneur, a student or a government employee, a homemaker or a policy maker. News specific to their interests are readily available in Himali Bela and our advertisers can leverage this access to brand, promote their products or vision.